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x520deathcrewx's Journal

Guns dont kill people..520 does.
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The X520DeathCrewX is:

Eastside represent.
We own.
a jealousy issue, a life once lost, a long winter, a shroud cast over, a thousand falling skies, across five aprils, angels without wings, aria, arkangel, army of darkness, as hope dies, as i lay dying, atreyu, azazel, bane, barium, basketball, bats, beating up innocent children, beer and titties, being hott, being tuff, beneath the ashes, bleeding through, blood has been shed, bloodjinn, bloody noses, brass, bury your dead, busting skulls, butterfly knives, caliban, capri suns, champion, curl up and die, darkest hour, dead to fall, deadlock, embrace the end, evergreen terrace, everytime i die, eyes like autumn, eyes upon seperation, falling cycle, far from alive, fashioncore, figure four, flattery leads to ruin, floor punches, forever is forgotten, from autumn to ashes, gadrel, god forbid, guns, hamartia, hardcore, hatebreed, heartscarved, heaven shall burn, himsa, homer simpson, homestar runner, hoodies, hopesfall, i have dreams, in ashes we lie, in dying days, in flames, it dies today, knives, knuckles, lamb of god, love is red, metal, metalcore, minion, misery signals, moshing, most precious blood, nehemiah, norma jean, on broken wings, one king down, paint the sky red, plague thy child, poison the well, prayer for cleansing, remembering never, rifles at recess, scars of tomorrow, seven angels seven plagues, shai hulud, shatterd realm, shutdown, sinai beach, skateboarding, sky came falling, slayer, spin kicks, straight edge, stretch armstrong, switch blades, sworn enemy, the acacia strain, the automata, the dillinger escape plan, the eastside, the judas cradle, the mosh, the red chord, the shot gun message, they came burning, three inches of blood, throat smiles, throwdown, unbreakable, underoath, undying, unearth, until death we part, until the end, veganism, walls of jericho, when heavens fall, where eagles dare, windmills, wings of scarlet, with dead hands rising, x520x, xazhcx, xdisciplex ad, xeastsidex, xone-fifthx, xsuffocate fasterx, xxx, zao